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Shift your energy. Ignite your beacon. Transform your life.

ENERGY! Like Einstein and many scientists who followed have told us, everything in this universe, including us, is vibrating energy. We are energetic beings, and based on how we think, feel, and act, we are constantly experiencing and sharing either anabolic energy, which works for us, or catabolic energy, which works against us. This energy is also contagious, really contagious.

Anabolic Energy

Is constructive, expanding, fueling, healing, & growth oriented.

  • helps move you forward & achieve positive, long-term, successful results

  • is useful in leading others in the same direction

  • allows you to have a more complete & conscious view of what is going on around you, so you can more easily come up with solutions & innovations


Catabolic Energy

Is draining, resisting & contracting energy. Provides an energetic boost to combat what you perceive to be a stressful situation.

  • is distracting & acts like a blinder through which you only see a limited view of a situation, thus reducing the choices available to you.

  • may offer some short-term benefits, when used on a long term basis, it imparts mental, emotional, & physical tolls that are potentially destructive to you, to your organization, and to all those around you.

Seven Levels of Energy

It’s not what you say that matters most, it’s why you say it.


Level 1- Victim

Victim energy includes guilt, self-doubt, low self-esteem (& perhaps not in general, but in any particular aspect of life). Level 1 also includes most fear, worry, & more.


Level 2- Conflict

Some very successful people have a lot of level 2 energy, but they are usually unhappy & almost always unhealthy. They use more force, which causes a sense of separation. Others with similar energy express it differently, by turning it inward. They are just as angry either at themselves or others, but just keep steaming & stewing until they explode or implode.


Level 3- Rationalize

Accepts responsibility for how you interpret things & your role in making things better for yourself. You take responsibility for how you feel about anything & anyone. No one controls your reactions or emotions. The result is that you forgive yourself & others, & rationalize things that don’t work in order to accept them.


Level 4- Compassion

This level is about caring, giving & helping. It is a concern for others, before concern for our own self. The difference between this level & those below it, is that at level 4, we nurture ourselves & others because we WANT TO, not because we NEED TO.


Level 5- Reconciliation

This level reconciles good & bad & begins to see everything as an opportunity. At this level, you accept the process of life, & you play the game well. You experience peace of mind with a feeling of control of your life, not control over others. At this level, no matter what happens outside of you, you experience a sense of joy within.


Level 6- Synthesis

A deep sense of connection between you & everyone & everything else. It’s a powerful place where intuition, or as many successful execs & entrepreneurs would describe it, our “gut feeling” comes alive.


Level 7- Truth

Life is created each moment using all the other levels at will, without fear, judgment, or concern, and with absolute passion about all experiences. This is the level of pure creation.

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