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About Me

I have always had a passion for helping people live fulfilled and joyful life. In high school, I worked with my peers to help them make conscious choices about their future and personal relationships. This continued through college and into graduate school.

I received my BA in Psychology from Austin College and went on to earn a master's in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University. After graduating, I worked for several non-profits before moving into corporate HR. I used my skills to understand others’ needs and move them toward their personal and professional goals.

I worked for over 20 years to find a diagnosis for my mental illness. After years of searching for answers and several suicide attempts, I received a diagnosis of Bipolar 2. With the help of psychiatrists and therapists, I learned how to manage my disease, but I was ready for more. Because of my experience, I have become a mental health advocate, shining a light on mental health to remove the stigma.

In December of 2019, my world changed dramatically, and I needed to find a new path. Several people suggested I look into becoming a coach to help others improve their mental health as I had. I am now a certified professional coach working with women ready to feel empowered, live authentically, and play big. I help clients shift their focus from whom they believe they should be to whom they are created to be. Providing a safe space to understand how their past stories and limiting beliefs have shaped their experiences allows my clients to see the world with less judgment. Empowering them to choose how they use their experiences, stories, and core beliefs transforming their current life into the life of their dreams.



Schedule a complimentary session with me to see how you can grow your light and use that newfound glow to reach your goals to live the life you have always dreamed of.

I look forward to working with you!

Amanda Dolin, MA CPC ELI-MP