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Helping Working Moms who are living in guilt and resentment create a clear value system serving as a beacon to IGNITE their path towards becoming a purposeful and radiant women.

Are You Ready to IGNITE Your Fire?

Being a mom is hard. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, much less find time for yourself. While you are doing everything for everyone else, it is easy to lose who you are as an individual. It is easy to ignore your needs, putting yourself in last place. It’s time to change that.

Working with me, you will discover who YOU are beyond your roles at home and work. You will uncover what you believe and develop a clear value system to understand what really matters to you. Igniting the fire within you, serving as a beacon of light to guide you toward the life of your dreams.  

Image by Zachary Kadolph
 Young Woman Contemplating

Shedding Your Guilt

You dedicate everything to your family, doing everything by yourself leaving you overwhelmed and resentful. You don’t get any help in return, and you fear doing justice to your children, making you constantly doubt your role as a mother. You want to break this cycle but don’t know how to.

Image by Jan Canty

Build Safe Boundaries

You struggle to establish healthy boundaries and manage expectations in your family and professional life. You fear saying ‘no’ will make your loved ones believe you don’t care for them. You avoid seeking help as you’re afraid of being an imposition, sacrificing your well-being without understanding what you’re losing.

Image by Erik Mclean
Image by Marissa Grootes

Declutter Your Schedule

Managing responsibilities is challenging as it feels like you’re being an inconvenience, leaving you with no time for self-care. Feelings of guilt and selfishness exhaust you when you don’t get time needed to meet expectations you’ve placed on yourself, and when others don’t complete tasks that you need help with.

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